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Strong Singers on the 2nd Row?

notes fa sol la Dear Miss Grace Notes: I have come to Sacred Harp all-day singings on two previous occasions and now can sing the first verse of "Wondrous Love" by heart. I want to sing in the first row alto section with Reba Dell Windom in the second row behind me so I can quickly learn "Bear Creek." But why are the first row tenors glaring at me? ----Just Wanna Get Help

image of Miss Grace Notes Gentle Singer: Congratulations on your eagerness to learn new tunes. My dear, until you can sing the notes on all the songs and keep time with your hand, please sit behind the front row of your section. You will hear your part well enough to learn new songs from there, and the class will benefit from having the more experienced singers on the front benches. For there is a synergy -- something greater than the sum of the individual pieces -- that happens to a class when all four front benches have strong experienced singers thereon. It's something that doesn't happen when the strong singers are scattered about with still-learning singers on the front.

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