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Our Email List

We have an email list (through Google Groups) that works as an announcements-only entity. It is called "Seattle Sacred Harp". Once a week, usually about mid-week, an email message is sent out listing the singings that are scheduled to occur the upcoming weekend, or to tell of a change to a regularly scheduled singing, or to announce to everyone a special singing event. When one of our all-day singing weekends draws near, there usually are a couple additional messages per week with advice for those still somewhat new to what all goes on during such events.

You can quickly spot these email messages in your in-box, as the Subject line always includes "Seattle Sacred Harp" ahead of the particular subject selected for that message.

There is no discussion or chit-chat on this list, that's what we mean by "announcements-only". We do all our talking back and forth on the several Facebook groups.

Our email list is "closed" but there are two ways for you to get on it:

1) Navigate in your browser to and search for the group called "Seattle Sacred Harp". Ask to join the group. Before too much time passes, one of the administrators will grant your request.

2) One of the moderators can directly add your name and email address to the list of members. When you see one of us at a singing, simply ask to be added, or you can send an email to the address listed below, asking to be added.

Once you have been added, and if you have a google account, you can browse through all the old messages, if you want, by pointing your browser to!forum/seattlesacredharp

Questions? Email us at