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Front Seat Theft

notes fa sol la Dear Miss Grace Notes: I'm skilled enough to sit on the front bench, and at a recent convention I returned to my seat after a few songs' absence to find someone else sitting there. Weren't they being rude? ----Dispossessed and Miffed About It

image of Miss Grace Notes Gentle Singer: No. Truly not. I trust you were gracious in reclaiming your seat, and they were equally gracious in giving it back to you? Please forgive them the appearance of theft, but they only had the well-being of the class in mind. At well-done singings close observation will reveal that when a front-bench singer is called to lead, another singer from the 2nd row (usually someone on the end) will slide into the vacant seat for the duration of the lesson and then return when it is finished. Thus a front-bench "hole" is not permitted for even the length of one song, much less the "few songs" of your absence.

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