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The Sacred Harp Book Company

The SH Book Company is the publishing corporation for The Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition (2012). Sometimes confused with the publishing corporation for The Sacred Harp (Denson edition) 1991, (which is called The Sacred Harp Publishing Company and is based in Georgia). Headquarters are in Samson, Alabama.

Officers and Board Members 2014-2015:
President - Wayne Jones
Vice-President - Stanley Smith
Secretary - Janet King
Treasurer - Victoria Aplin
David Lee
Barbara Jones
Tommy Spurlock
Aubrey Barfield
Wynette A. Smith

The annual Stockholders' Meeting is held in conjunction with the J. W. Basset Memorial Singing, on the Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in May, at Travelers Rest Church in Samson, Alabama. Non-stockholders are welcome to attend the singing, though they may not vote during the Meeting.

Here is how to purchase the songbook directly from the SH Book Company.

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